NATALIE SYKES, Asset Manager

Dear Justin, the purpose of this letter is to record my gratitude for the support Natalie Sykes provided to myself and my tenant throughout the recent cessation of the tenancy arrangement. In my recent experience, the level of support that Natalie extended to me was beyond expectations. I have never before written a letter like this however, in this case I was so impressed by the support provided by Natalie that I felt compelled to go on record with my praise.

I live in an adjoining property hence privacy for the tenant and myself is paramount. The property was previously being managed by another estate agency but due to a high turnover of staff in their property management division I engaged Space Real Estate via Judith Jones to take over the responsibility.

We have had the same tenant for 10 years and thus the gentleman understandably had strong ties to the property. Natalie managed the closure of the tenancy with appropriate level of communication with the tenant. She supported him with advice on cleaning and moving logistics and advised him on alternate purchase or rental opportunities in the area. She also managed his schedule so that I could take control of the property and prepare it for sale that is now underway.

If sale of the property is not successful and I decide to continue to rent, I will re-engage Space Real Estate and hopefully Natalie.
P. Rumball

Hi Natalie, it was good to put a face to the voice and emails. Thank you for looking after the property for us, we felt that you did an outstanding job in managing the property and I think you were fair with us as the owners as well as with the tenants. Thanks again and best regards.
M. Joyce



Hi Justin,
In a world filled with complaints, I wanted to let you know that we are very happy with the service we receive from Michelle for the management of our apartment in South Perth.
Michelle is attentive, prompt and available. We feel as though Michelle looks after our apartment as her own. She looks after the tenant needs well, which makes us feel very comfortable.
Thank you to Space for providing such an all round service.
F. Pourzand