LEE FISHER, Business Development Manager

We both found Lee to be positive, friendly, extremely professional and a pleasure to communicate with. Moving is never an easy experience and to have a proactive and service driven individual to deal with, makes the stress just a little more bearable! The important thing to note, from our perspective, is the fact Lee not only prioritised us as tenants but also looked out for the owners vested interest at all times. If our property was in WA we would seriously consider swapping agents.
J. Biggs

I appreciate the great work done by Lee on managing my unit!
C. Campbell

Communication with Lee Fisher was clear and concise and her input to the successful leasing is much appreciated
H. M

Dear Lee, you are amazing at your job. A model of efficiency!
V. Biggs


Thank-you Patrick - and for your time and assistance yesterday as well. As usual, very efficient and professional (You are very good at your job).
A & B Spence

SPACE as our real estate have been fantastic. Stress free. You often hear about real estate and renting in just the negative way but SPACE have changed with way renting is been done, and I would recommend SPACE to anyone in the market for renting or buying.  I'd like to say a huge thank you.
H. Hacking

Thanks for being a great agent, who is fair minded.  You put others to shame with your professional and open approach.
B Ferrier

Dear Mr Justin Davies, I would like to express my thanks and appreciation of your employee, Patrick Spillman who manages my rental property.  I have always found him to be exceedingly professional and organised.  Patrick has consistently kept both me and my tenants satisfied.  My property is always properly maintained via regular inspections and I am notified quickly if this is not the case.  Patrick promptly informs me when my lease is up and we discuss all available options before proceeding with the next one.  I have had a steady increase in rental income, which is a direct result of his astute negotiation skills.  Patrick has always been friendly and consistently displays a positive attitude.  He communicates clearly and concisely, both verbally and written which makes working with him a pleasant experience.  Patrick has a particularly positive attitude and happily seeks solutions to issues that have arisen from time to time.  I always feel that he understands my invested interest, which leaves me very reassured that we are working together towards the same goals.  I just wanted to let you know that Patrick¹s dedication, initiative, professionalism and positive attitude are an asset to your company.
N. Coleman

NATALIE SYKES, Asset Manager

Dear Justin, the purpose of this letter is to record my gratitude for the support Natalie Sykes provided to myself and my tenant throughout the recent cessation of the tenancy arrangement. In my recent experience, the level of support that Natalie extended to me was beyond expectations. I have never before written a letter like this however, in this case I was so impressed by the support provided by Natalie that I felt compelled to go on record with my praise.

I live in an adjoining property hence privacy for the tenant and myself is paramount. The property was previously being managed by another estate agency but due to a high turnover of staff in their property management division I engaged Space Real Estate via Judith Jones to take over the responsibility.

We have had the same tenant for 10 years and thus the gentleman understandably had strong ties to the property. Natalie managed the closure of the tenancy with appropriate level of communication with the tenant. She supported him with advice on cleaning and moving logistics and advised him on alternate purchase or rental opportunities in the area. She also managed his schedule so that I could take control of the property and prepare it for sale that is now underway.

If sale of the property is not successful and I decide to continue to rent, I will re-engage Space Real Estate and hopefully Natalie.
P. Rumball

Hi Natalie, it was good to put a face to the voice and emails. Thank you for looking after the property for us, we felt that you did an outstanding job in managing the property and I think you were fair with us as the owners as well as with the tenants. Thanks again and best regards.

M. Joyce